FDA Warns Purell To Stop Promoting Unproven Health Claims

The FDA sent a letter to Purell over some of its advertised health claims.

FDA Warns Purell To Stop Promoting Unproven Health Claims

The FDA is warning hand sanitizer company Purell to stop marketing its product with claims it can prevent disease and kill the Ebola and influenza viruses.

The FDA sent a letter to Purell listing a number of examples where the company made those claims on its websites and social media accounts. The agency also has an issue with Purell's claim that its use can reduce student absenteeism by 51%.

The FDA says it's "currently not aware of any adequate and well-controlled studies" that prove those claims.

spokesperson for GOJO Industries, the company that manufacturers Purell, said it took immediate action after receiving the letter and has updated its website and digital content at the FDA's request. 

The spokesperson added, "It is important to emphasize that the FDA letter was not related to the safety or quality of our products, or our manufacturing processes. Our products can and should continue to be used as part of good hand hygiene practice, to reduce germs."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says washing your hands with soap and water is the most effective way to keep from getting sick. It says hand sanitizer is a good option of you can't wash your hands, but it won't get rid of all germs.

 Additional reporting from Newsy affiliate CNN