'Flappy Bird' Returns In August As 'Less Addictive' Game

"Flappy Bird" creator Dong Nguyen says the game will return in August. It will reportedly have multiplayer functionality and will be "less addictive."

'Flappy Bird' Returns In August As 'Less Addictive' Game
Newsy Staff

Pull out your phones and practice your hand-eye coordination, folks. "Flappy Bird" is making a comeback. 

CNBC's Kelly Evans said in a tweet the game will make its return in August and will feature multiplayer functionality. (Via Twitter / @Kelly_Evans)

"Flappy Bird"'s creator Dong Nguyen infamously removed the game from app stores in February, warning users 22 hours before its takedown. (Via Twitter / @dongatory)

And Nguyen had sent out a cryptic tweet not long before claiming the game ruined his "simple life." (Via Twitter / @dongatory)

About a month after the game's removal, Nguyen spoke out in Rolling Stone about his decision to take down the game. He said he received messages berating him for creating such an addicting game. One said: "13 kids at my school broke their phones because of your game, and they still play it cause it's addicting like crack."

He told Rolling Stone he felt guilty because as a kid his education suffered due to his own video game addiction. After many sleepless nights, he decided to take action.

Nguyen says "Flappy Bird" will be "less addictive" this time around. Despite the game's impending return, he told CNBC "he would rather people spend their time doing more productive things rather than attempt to guide a cartoon bird through pipes." 

You're giving us mixed signals here, Nguyen!