Flappy Envy: Google & Apple Block Games With Flappy Titles

Google and Apple are starting to block apps with the word "Flappy" in their titles, possibly due to recent popularity of now discontinued Flappy Bird.

Flappy Envy: Google & Apple Block Games With Flappy Titles

Flappy Pig. Flappy Super Hero. ​Flappy Plane. Call it Flappy Fever, but numerous games with “Flappy” in the title are cropping up in app stores and it looks like Google and Apple aren't having any of it.

Take Flappy Doge, for example. Although not on the Google Play or Apple stores, it's just one... *starts playing Flappy Doge*

Right, sorry about that. Flappy Doge. It's just one of the many "Flappy Bird" clones attempting to cash in on the popularity of the recently discontinued Flappy Bird.

But it seems that Apple and Google are turning their backs on new Flappy games. Mind Juice Media's Ken Carpenter's Flappy Dragon game was rejected for apparently attempting to leverage the popular app. (Via Twitter / @MindJuiceMedia) 

A writer for TechCrunch theorized that Apple may have had enough of the Flappy-esque games decimating its popularity charts, saying: "The "Flappy Bird" craze reached mainstream media, which means everyday users who may not following [sic] every turning point in this ongoing saga are just hitting up the App Store and searching for a download."

And while it may seem unfair to reject some games with Flappy in their title while letting other clones sit on top of the charts, it appears that that's about to change as well. 

As one Twitter user pointed out that another flappy clone, "Flappy Bee" recently had a name change to "Jumpy Bee" showing that it's possible Apple is forcing app owners to change their names.


Both Google and Apple have yet to respond on the matter. Until then ... *goes back to playing Flappy Doge*