Former Virginia Governor And Wife Indicted Over Gift Scandal

Former Virginia Governor McDonnell and his wife have been charged with 14 felonies including fraud, conspiracy and obstructing federal investigators.

Former Virginia Governor And Wife Indicted Over Gift Scandal
Wikimedia Commons / Gage Skidmore

‚ÄčIt’s the gift that does not keep on giving. The political gift giving scandal that's plagued former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell for more than a year has now resulted in indictments against him and his wife, Maureen.

The couple have been charged with 14 felony counts including wire fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, obtaining property under color of their official office and making false statements. (Via MSNBC)

Justice Department officials say the McDonnells repeatedly swapped favors with Jonnie Williams Sr., the CEO of dietary supplement company Star Scientific.

Prosecutors say in exchange for loans, designer clothing and the use of Williams' private jet, McDonnell advocated the company's products and spoke on their behalf to doctors and health professionals. (Via The Wall Street Journal)

McDonnell has denied that he and his wife violated the law, pledging to fight the charges in a press conference Tuesday evening.

"I will use every available resource and advocate that I have for as long as it takes to fight and prevail against these false allegations." (Via WWBT)

The Washington Post covered the scandal extensively from the beginning, when allegations were made against former executive chef, Todd Schneider.

“The governor’s career began to quietly fray more than a year ago in the most mundane of ways: a tip to a state fraud hotline alleging that the chef at the state's 200-year old executive mansion was pilfering food from the kitchen.” (Via The Washington Post)

Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe, who was only sworn in 10 days ago, issued a statement on the indictment saying, “I am obviously troubled by the charges that federal prosecutors have made against Governor McDonnell and his wife Maureen and the message that this period in our history sends about how government in this Commonwealth is run.” (Via WHSVPolitico)

The couple is set to appear in court for a bond hearing Friday.