Free Ice Cream Delivery: Uber's Latest Promotion

Friday the taxi service app Uber was offering free ice cream delivery in 144 cities across the world.

Free Ice Cream Delivery: Uber's Latest Promotion
Lotus Head / CC BY-SA 3.0

Got an ice cream craving? Well, Friday you could have skipped a trip to the store and just picked up your smartphone. 

Friday the taxi service app Uber was offering free ice cream delivery in 144 cities across the world. 

In each city, Uber partnered with local ice cream vendors, and either an ice cream truck or an Uber vehicle delivered the ice cream at Uber customers' requests. (Via Lotus Head / CC BY-SA 3.0)

NEW YORK UBER GENERAL MANAGER JOSH MOHRER: "Every summer we do Uber ice cream. We're having fun. We want to show you the things you can do with an on-demand service." (Via Bloomberg)

Before you get too excited, the delivery is free, not the sweet treat, but customers could charge the fee directly to their Uber accounts. 

Twitter has lit up with customers expressing their enthusiasm with the hashtag #UberIceCream.

However, not everyone is happy. CNET says some customers are complaining of long waits to get their ice cream, and others are reportedly having trouble with the app. The article also says some Australian customers are reporting hidden fees. 

Now, ice cream is not the only delivery Uber has offered. In the past, the company has delivered kittens for snuggling, cheerleaders for cheering during Super Bowl halftime and Christmas trees on Christmas.