Fundraisers pop up to get Kyles to Kyle, Texas to break world record

A group of Ivans currently hold the world record for the largest group of people with the same name in one place.

A view of the city of Kyle, Texas
City of Kyle

Kyles across the country are trying to get to Kyle, Texas, this weekend. 

The city is attempting to break the world record for the largest group of people with the same name in one place. 

"We’re very excited about the upcoming, inaugural Kyle Fair and have high hopes that this event will bring out the Kyles needed to grab a spot in the record books," said City of Kyle Special Events Manager Claudia Rocha. 

A search on GoFundMe for Kyles who want to be part of the event brings up about a dozen results. Some of the Kyles have raised hundreds of dollars to make the trip just south of Austin. 

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This is the fourth time the City of Kyle has attempted to break the record. In past years, the city reports that people have come from as far away as Massachusetts to try and break the record. 

The record is currently held by a group of Ivans who gathered in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2017. 

The City of Kyle will need at least 2,326 Kyles to show up on May 21 to break the world record. The city notes that only Kyles who spell their name the same way as the city can participate.