G-20 Leaders Agree To Develop Coronavirus Plan Of Action

World leaders agreed to pump $5 trillion into the global economy, share more health data and address international trade disruptions.

G-20 Leaders Agree To Develop Coronavirus Plan Of Action

Leaders representing the world's 20 biggest economies have agreed to come up with a plan to tackle the health, social and economic repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic.

On Thursday, G-20 leaders discussed their course of action for about an hour and a half during a video conference call.

According to a statement issued afterward, the leaders said fighting the pandemic calls for a "transparent, robust, coordinated, large-scale and science-based" response. And they committed to presenting a "united front" against the virus.

Among other actions, the leaders said they will pump $5 trillion into the global economy; share more health information and data; and address international trade disruptions. 

The news comes not long after a different global economic group known as the G-7 failed to come to a consensus on a joint statement about the coronavirus. Worldwide, the virus is known to have infected hundreds of thousands of people.

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