Toddler To Receive Kidney From Stranger 1,500 Miles Away

Two-year-old Arianna Moore's donor is set to fly up to Minnesota for surgery sometime next week. Arianna suffers from kidney scarring.

Toddler To Receive Kidney From Stranger 1,500 Miles Away

A Minnesota toddler is set to get a new kidney thanks to the generosity of a complete stranger who lives more than 1,500 miles away.

"The most wonderful thing I've ever experienced. I mean, just knowing that somebody wants to save my daughter's life that's not me."

KMSP reports 2-year-old Arianna Moore suffered kidney failure when she was just 7 weeks old. Arianna was also diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder which involves scarring on her kidney causing her to need dialysis 10 hours every day.

Back in 2012, Arianna's family set up a Facebook page with the hope that someone, somewhere would be able to help the little girl out with an organ donation her family said she needed.

Christy Harding, who's from Jacksonville, Fla., told KARE she normally scrolls past pages about children who are sick because they upset her, but Arianna's page was different.

"I don't know why I stopped on this one, and called on this one, and matched this one."

Arianna's mom told ABC"I had no faith that we’d find a kidney donor on Facebook but I sure as heck was going to try. ... Christy emailed me to let me know she was the one donating. ... All I can do is cry every time I think about it."

KARE reports Harding will fly up from Florida for a surgery scheduled for sometime next week.