GMA's Amy Robach Says Chemo Made Her Forget Whole Shows

The Good Morning America co-host told the New York Daily News she was scared to go on air during chemotherapy due to frequent memory loss.

GMA's Amy Robach Says Chemo Made Her Forget Whole Shows

"Good Morning America" co-host Amy Robach admitted she was terrified to go on air during her recent battle with breast cancer, due to memory loss caused by chemotherapy.

Robach told the New York Daily News that handling the memory loss was one of the hardest parts of working while undergoing treatment. "I was so afraid I was gonna drop the ball or just do or say something stupid because I wasn't in my sharpest mode."

She said she would forget taking photos with fans, having conversations, and even hosting entire newscasts. (Via NBC)

Robach discovered she had breast cancer after doing an on-air mammogram for breast cancer awareness month last October. (Via ABC)

The 40-year-old anchor underwent a double mastectomy and eight rounds of chemo before, as she puts it, she "kicked cancer's butt." (Via Twitter / @arobach)

Robach has faced some criticism for saying her on-air mammogram saved her life and that all women should have one done. 

That's because, as Dr. Susan Love points out, a mammogram can't detect all forms of breast cancer and so Robach's example doesn't apply to all women. (Via Act with Love)

But Robach also has another cause to advocate for. She was shocked to learn her insurance wouldn't cover a second round of imaging after her initial mammogram, so she now plans to get involved with organizations that help people cover the cost of testing.