Google Introduces Gmail 'Shelfies' On April Fools' Day

Google has another especially ridiculous feature it just happens to be introducing on April 1st —The Shelfie!

Google Introduces Gmail 'Shelfies' On April Fools' Day
Newsy Staff

What's a good April 1st with our friends at Google?

Just in case you didn't have time to embark on your own personal Pokemon challenge. 

"The winner will start t Google, September 1st 2014​"

Google has another especially ridiculous feature it just happens to be introducing on April 1st. The Shelfie!

 No not that 'shelfie.' Gmail's new sharable selfie, this new feature from Google lets users take those amazingly obnoxious selfies that are already on your gmail background and share them with all your co-workers. 

In a blog post about Gmail's latest, greatest feature, Google also explains how the 'selfie' phenomenon all got started.   

"We urged you to find “your perfect image and make Gmail your own.” And you did. Many of you rushed to take photos of yourselves to upload as your Gmail custom theme, which you started referring to as selfies. As you undoubtedly recall, this term quickly spread beyond email themes and has permeated our culture"

If you're still confused Google also provided this helpful chart which thoroughly explains selfie popularity and its effect on pirates. 

Now obviously, the Shelfie is an April Fools Gag by Google, but what is real is that 10 years ago today was the date Gmail was launched.

So celebrate the big day, with an even bigger picture of yourself.