Government Shutdown Poised To Last Into 2019

Funding for the border wall continues to hold up any potential deal.

Government Shutdown Poised To Last Into 2019
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It looks like the partial government shutdown will last into 2019. 

On Thursday, the Senate adjourned until New Year's Eve. And with House Whip Steve Scalise saying the House wasn't planning any votes this week, the shutdown is still on. 

President Donald Trump is not backing down from his demands for funding for a border wall, and Democrats are standing firm, saying that any funding for the wall is a non-starter. 

Trump talked about the wall during his visit to troops in Iraq on Wednesday. 

"We need a wall. So, when you say how long is it going to take? When are they going to say that we need border security- when are the democrats going to say - don't forget, the democrats all agreed that you need a wall, until I wanted it. Once I wanted it, they didn't agree," Trump said. 

The Washington Post is reporting that Democratic aides are working on legislation they hope will reopen the government once they take control of the House on Jan. 3.

The partial government shutdown started last Saturday morning at midnight.

That's when funding for multiple departments ran out, including the Departments of Agriculture, Justice, Interior, State and Homeland Security. More than 420,000 federal employees still have to come into work, they just won't be paid for now.

Additional reporting from Newsy affiliate CNN