Governor Apologizes After Embarrassing Twitter Photo Mix-Up

A photo posted to Delaware Gov. Jack Markell's Twitter account showed a woman wearing leather straps. It was supposed to be a photo of him. Oops.

Governor Apologizes After Embarrassing Twitter Photo Mix-Up
Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla

Someone accidentally posted the wrong pic to Gov. Jack Markell's Twitter account. And if it were just a photo of a cute pet turtle or something, it probably wouldn't be blowing up the news.

FOX NEWS"It was supposed to show him at an elementary school event, but clearly it doesn't. The tweet was quickly deleted, an apology quickly sent out. The governor saying he wished it was a cat video instead."

WPVI"This is the photo Markell's office says it meant to send. ... The administration released a statement apologizing for the errors, which is blamed on an auto-generated link."

The photo appears to be a model talking a selfie in some kind of bondage gear. Many headlines were calling it "racy" and "suggestive."

And the outlets probably weren't too far off on calling it those things. Still, the photo was, for the most part, from about the neck up.

An Estonian model who goes by Precious Little has come forward saying it was her in the photo, and she has been very candid about it. 

In one tweet she says she's never been a dominatrix and in a previous one says she believes the mix-up was an "honest accident." In yet another one she says, "I don't deserve to have my integrity or that of anyone I know questioned because of a stranger's error."

Markell was supposed to be posting a photo of himself standing in front of a school. The tweet announced an initiative to help disadvantaged students.

It's unclear if Markell himself or someone who worked for him posted the pic.

But one Twitter user posted about how the mix-up might have happened, pointing out the photo tweeted and the photo that was supposed to be tweeted were just a letter apart in their URLs.  

And if you take off one more letter from that URL, it's a photo of a squirrel. 

Still, Markell's Twitter pic could have been much worse and more revealing. Anyone remember Anthony Weiner? 

This video includes images from Getty Images and Kevin Timothy / CC BY 2.0.