Couple Sues Grand Princess Operator Over Handling Of Coronavirus

A Florida couple says Princess Cruises was negligent in that it did not tell passengers that people on the ship had tested positive for the virus.

Couple Sues Grand Princess Operator Over Handling Of Coronavirus

Two former passengers of the Grand Princess cruise ship are suing the cruise line for $1 million after they say the company put them at risk of contracting coronavirus. The ship was held off the coast of California for days after 21 crew members and passengers tested positive for the virus. 

The plaintiffs, a Florida couple, say Princess Cruises displayed "gross negligence" by not telling passengers before boarding that people on the ship had been infected.

A previous passenger of the Grand Princess died last week after contracting the coronavirus. According to CNN, Princess Cruises sent out an email on Feb. 25 telling passengers from that person's voyage that they may have been exposed to the virus. The lawsuit says that email was not sent to future passengers.

The Florida couple says they would have never boarded the ship on Feb. 21 if they knew they could be exposed. The lawsuit says the couple is suing for "emotional distress" after worrying they could contract coronavirus.

The couple's attorney said the two left the ship Monday and are currently quarantined at a California military base.

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