Natural Disasters

Haitian Hospitals Struggle After Disasters Strike

Nearly 2,000 people are dead after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Saturday.

Haitian Hospitals Struggle After Disasters Strike
Matias Delacroix / AP

Natural disasters wreaking havoc on Haiti. 

This is a look at just some of the destruction from above. And now hospitals face a lack of desperately-needed supplies.

"Hospitals just like this are in just bad need of medical reinforcements, supplies, medications, food, tarps, hygiene kits, disaster materials for these families that are still greatly hurting. A lot of materials have still not made it out from the States or out of Port-au-Prince," said Mission of Hope in Haiti representative Austin Holmes.

Haiti is feeling the impacts of now-Hurricane Grace just days after a devastating earthquake. Residents are dealing with flooding and landslides. 

Officials say the 7.2 magnitude earthquake destroyed thousands of homes and left nearly 2,000 dead. Thousands more were injured and many are now homeless.