Consumers Aren't Scared As Halloween Spending Hits All-Time High

A National Retail Federation survey predicts consumer spending this Halloween will be up nearly $2 billion compared to last year.

Consumers Aren't Scared As Halloween Spending Hits All-Time High
Mel Evans / AP

Plans to celebrate Halloween are close to pre-pandemic numbers, and this year people aren't scared to spend — at least that's what the experts are saying.

National Retail Federation survey predicts consumer spending on Halloween will be up to $10 billion this year — a potential all-time high — compared to just $8 billion in 2020. The survey also found 65% of Americans plan to participate in some way. That's up from 58% last year.

Katherine Cullen is a senior director of industry and consumer insights at NRF and she says things are a whole lot different this year.

"While COVID and the Delta variant are still very present, we are in a very different place than we were last year," she said. "Many consumers are feeling safer and they're feeling they can celebrate in some ways."

It's estimated the average American will spend $102.74 on candy, costumes, decor and greeting cards this Halloween — about $10 more than they did last year — and store managers are seeing it.

"You do have customers who are spending like $25 or $30, but for the most part, it is upwards towards $100," Halloween Express manager Libby Bosman said.

Supply chain disruptions may limit some Halloween merchandise and candy, but many consumers are still ready to bring some of that spooky normalcy back.