Hamas Agrees To Another Temporary Truce In Gaza

After first rejecting Israel's calls for a temporary cease-fire, Hamas now says it will observe a 24-hour pause in hostilities.

Hamas Agrees To Another Temporary Truce In Gaza
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Hamas has agreed to hold off its rocket-fire for another 24 hours. (Via Getty Images

Israel says Hamas militants initially ignored their call for an extension of Saturday's cease-fire — blaming the group for “incessant rocket fire during the humanitarian window.” (Via Twitter / @IDFSpokesperson

In turn, Israel had resumed its shelling at targets in the Gaza Strip — which Gaza health officials say has already killed three Palestinians. (Via Israel Defense Forces)

​Now, CNN and other news outlets are reporting Hamas and other Palestinian factions have agreed to hold off firing their rockets and mortars for 24 hours. Though it's unclear why the sudden change. 

MARTIN SAVIDGE: “The Israelis are going to be wondering why has Hamas suddenly changed its mind? What’s different now? There’s a lot to still be worked out here.”

If confirmed, it would be another welcomed pause in the fighting for Palestinians in Gaza.  On Saturday, both sides had observed a UN-requested temporary truce — giving Gaza residents the chance to leave their homes and survey the damage. (Via PBS

On the diplomatic front, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and several other foreign ministers met in Paris Saturday to discuss ways to reach a more permanent truce that address both sides’ concerns. (Via U.S. Department of State

The problem is, Israel’s and Hamas’s positions are still very far apart and neither side is flexible in its conditions.

A spokesperson for Hamas said Sunday the group would not accept any cease-fire that allowed Israeli troops to stay inside Gaza. Instead the group wants a lifting of the Gaza blockade and the release of hundreds of prisoners. Israel insists on the complete demilitarization of the Gaza Strip. (Via Getty Images

Israeli newspaper Haaretz says it obtained a copy of the failed cease-fire draft Kerry put forward Friday.  In it, the paper says few of Israel’s terms were met, including no one mention of demilitarizing the Gaza Strip of its rocket supply or advanced weapons, and not the dismantling of the terror tunnels.”

Now in its 20th day, the conflict has killed more than 1,000 Palestinians and more than 40 Israelis.