Happy Ending For Dog Trapped In Miami Canal

A dog named Princess was rescued from a Miami-Dade County canal. She's since been returned to her owner.

Happy Ending For Dog Trapped In Miami Canal

A lost Miami dog named Princess got her own happily ever after yesterday.

"People saw poor Princess and waved down some help. Firefighters eventually had to get out some straps that they used to pull her out." (Via HLN)

WSVN reports Princess' owner, Carmen Palacios, realized her dog was gone when her parents arrived at her home as they do every morning, and Princess didn't greet them at the door.

When firefighters were called for reports of a dog swimming in a canal, they believed 6-year-old Princess had been swimming for a long time. According to WFOR, rescuers slipped straps around her and lifted her out of the water.

"Stood right up and tried to shake the water off on all of us, and she was happy to be out, you could tell." (Via WSVN)

Princess was taken to animal services until her owner got her back. And what followed was a very sweet reunion. (Via WSVN)


"Princess and her family are back together again." (Via WSVN)

That's what we'd call a fairy-tale ending.