Harold Ramis, 'Ghostbusters' Star, Dies At 69

The "Ghostbusters" co-star died Monday morning after complications resulting from a blood vessel disease.

Harold Ramis, 'Ghostbusters' Star, Dies At 69
Hudson Union Society / Justin Hoch

Actor, writer, and director Harold Ramis has died at age 69. 

The Chicago Tribune first reported Ramis' death. According to the paper, he died at 12:53 Monday morning due to autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis, a rare disease that causes inflammation of blood vessels. 

Ramis is best known for his acting roles in the "Ghostbusters" â€‹films. (Via Columbia Pictures / "Ghostbusters"

He also wrote "Animal House," directed "National Lampoon's Vacation" and "Groundhog Day" and wrote and directed "Caddyshack."

Ramis graduated from Washington University in St. Louis and first got into the entertainment business writing stories for the Chicago Daily News and editing the "Party Jokes" sections of Playboy magazine. (Via YouTube / Magnum Independent Pictures

The Tribune reports Ramis' medical condition started in 2010, and at one point, it got so bad he had to relearn how to walk. 

According to IMDb, he hasn't acted in a movie since the 2009 film "Year One." 

Ramis leaves behind his wife, Erica, three children and two grandchildren.