Here's What The Ultra-Rich Worry About The Most

We'll give you a hint: Inheritance may be involved.

Here's What The Ultra-Rich Worry About The Most
Getty Images / Alex Wong

It's said the rich aren't like you and me –– and that may extend to their worries. 

Luxury real estate agency Knight Frank and research firm Wealth-X surveyed the world's wealthiest people

In their Wealth Report, they note the ultra-rich worry the least about the environment and personal and family health. 

Their top worries? Taxes for the wealthy, inheritance issues and the global economy. 

Health may be less worrisome when you can afford good health care. And anxiety over taxes and inheritance may be the rich's way of worrying about providing for their families –– albeit in a more indirect way. 

If you don't happen to fall in the category of ultra-rich, head to Knight Frank's website and download the report yourself to see how much — or little — you have in common. 

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