Here's What You Can Expect From The Next iPhone

Here's a look at what you can expect when Apple announces the next iPhone(s), reportedly on September 9.

Here's What You Can Expect From The Next iPhone
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That gold-tone iPhone 5 of yours is about to lose its luster — the tech press is chock-full of headlines this morning pointing to a September 9 debut of the next iPhone. (Getty Images)

Both Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal — which have impressive Apple-prediction records — cite persons familiar with the matter who say Apple will announce two iPhones with larger screens at the event. 

The iPhone 5s screen measures in, diagonally, at 4 inches. The Cupertino company's next round of phones are expected to sport 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screens. 

Of course, none of this should come at too much a surprise. Bloomberg says Apple is simply remaining true to form, with a predictable early- to mid-September iPhone announcement. (Via Apple)

And a writer for The Washington Post reminds us Samsung's been making gains in the smartphone market for a few years now, thanks to larger-screen phones. It's likely Apple wants to up the ante and increase sales in foreign markets where larger phones are highly popular. (Getty Images)

Alright, so aside from a larger screen, what else can we expect from a new iPhone?

MacRumors says it will probably be thinner and lighter, with an updated processor and better camera. Design-wise, the phone is expected to resemble the company's iPod touch. 

We've also heard those large screens everyone can't stop talking about will be covered in sapphire crystal, an ultra-tough substance already used in Apple's camera lenses and fingerprint readers. (Via Marques Brownlee)

Lastly, to power that large screen, Cult of Mac claims the company will pack in a 2,100 mAh battery in the 4.7-inch phone — more than 500 mAh more than the current phone. No word on the battery in the 5.5-inch version.

Apple, of course, declined to comment on the reports, and will likely continue to do so until it sends out press invites to the alleged September 9 event.