Couple Trapped, Attacked By Their Own Cat

An Oregon couple isn't sure what to do after being terrorized by their 22-lb. pet cat.

Couple Trapped, Attacked By Their Own Cat

A trusted pet turning on its owners? A house cat, not one you'd find in the wild, attacked a baby in Portland and then trapped its owners in a bedroom. 

"The 22-pound cat went on a spree last night first scratching the baby, then attacking the rest of the family ... he trapped the family in a back room."

"Every time we opened our back bedroom door the cat would hiss." (Via KOIN)

This is Lux. Yes, he weighs 22 lbs — pretty big for a pet cat. The Oregonian reports the chaos started when Teresa Barker's son pulled Lux's tail. The ferocious feline, as police are calling it, then attacked baby Jesse, scratching his head.

Parker's boyfriend and Jesse's father, Lee Palmer, stepped in at that point — kicking the cat away from the baby. And that's when Lux went wild, forcing Palmer to call 911.

"He's charging at us. He's at our door, bedroom door. Did you hear him? I think that was the cat. Yeah, year I hear him. Hold on." "Keep your door shut, okay." (Via KPTV)

When police showed up, Lux headed to the kitchen -- quote, "attempting to flee custody," as police put it. Officers used a dog snare to catch the cat. (Via KPTV)

And while the whole 'attack by a cat' thing might sound a little odd, Barker says it was no laughing matter. "It's only funny when it's not happening to you. When this happens to you, I assure you, you will do the same thing." (Via KATU)

The family is still trying to figure out what to do with the cat. For now, they plan on keeping the feline away from baby Jesse.