'House Of Cards' Season 2: Spoiler-Free Review

A spoiler-free guide to watching season two of Netflix's hit political thriller "House of Cards" (Warning: contains season one spoilers).

'House Of Cards' Season 2: Spoiler-Free Review

Your favorite political thriller is back with a vengeance. 

That's right, we're talking about season two of Netflix's groundbreaking series House of Cards, which stars Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood — a cunning, power-hungry politician with a penchant for breaking the fourth wall. (Via Netflix)

The complete second season was released all at once for your binge-watching pleasure Friday, which means many have already powered through the 13-episode installment in its entirety. And that's likely just what Netflix wants.

The timing of the release is no coincidence. Monday marks President's Day, and since a study by Netflix last year revealed 61 percent of its adult users binge-watch regularly, the company likely thought a three-day weekend would be the perfect time for viewers to cozy up with the second season of its flagship show. (Via PRNewswire, MarketPlace)

And it appears many have already taken advantage.

Full season two recaps and reviews are popping up all over the Web.  And Twitter has been buzzing the past two days about a mind-blowing twist in the first episode — something, per the president's request, we won't spoil for you here. (Via The Atlantic, The Verge)

However, we can tell you the moment was so diabolical, it has many raising the question: In a television world now fixated with antiheroes, is Frank Underwood one of them, or just a straight-up villain? 

NPR says the question was already answered in the first season when Underwood murdered his colleague, Congressman Peter Russo: "That killing was a transformation, changing Underwood from an antihero into a straight-up villain." 

A blogger for Screened seconds the opinion: "The character of Frank Underwood isn’t an anti-hero lead who is honorable, the man is a villain."

No matter the opinion of Frank Underwood's character, it's obvious people can't stop watching him. House of Cards has already been renewed for a third season, and a writer for GigaOM doesn't think it will stop there. 

"Because the plotlines [of season two] are better-managed and the characters drift back in and out with more confidence, House of Cards has managed to evolve into something that could become a real, enduring franchise — a dark nymphomaniac twin to The West Wing."

And if House of Cards does end up following the trajectory of The West Wing, viewers may be binge-watching the show's seasons for years to come.