House Sends Impeachment Article to Senate

Republicans who condemned the January 6 attack on the Capitol are now defending President Trump.

House Sends Impeachment Article to Senate
Rebecca Blackwell / AP

This trial has been hovering over the Senate for some time now, and the big question is how will this trial affect the appointment of President Biden's cabinet nominees and work on his COVID relief bill. 

The delay in the impeachment will help President Biden's administration get started. So that two-week delay will allow them to continue moving forward confirming and having hearings for the president's cabinet nominees. 

But there are still active negotiations going on for the COVID-19 relief bill. It's still unclear exactly how the House and the Senate will move forward with that legislation, whether they keep it as one big bill, whether they break it apart or some other process to get it approved. But that movement is still happening this week and next as well as the cabinet confirmations.