Cheerios Is Trying To Bring Back The Bees — And It Wants You To Help

The cereal brand is giving away 100 million wildflower seeds "to get the movement started."

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Cheerios is on a mission to #bringbackthebees — and it's looking to its customers to help. 

According to Honey Nut Cheerios' promotional video, bees have been in decline since World War II. In fact, hundreds of North American bee species may be heading toward extinction

Bees in a hive

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Environmentalists and the U.S. government aren't seeing eye to eye on the decision.


Cheerios and General Mills are doing their part. The company plans to plant "3,300 acres of nectar- and pollen-rich wildflowers" on their oat farms by 2020

To help generate buzz, the company is giving away 100 million wildflower seeds for its customers to plant. All participants have to do is fill out an online form to receive their free packet of seeds. 

So far, the project seems to be successful. Cheerios says it's 80 percent of the way to its 100-million-seed goal. 

If you want to participate — and help save Honey Nut Cheerios' famous bee mascot, Buzz — you can sign up to receive your own packet of seeds here