How To Actually Keep Your New Year's Resolutions This Time

Let's be honest, not many New Year's resolutions make it past February. We're here to help you keep your promises to yourself.

How To Actually Keep Your New Year's Resolutions This Time
Newsy Staff

How To *Actually* Follow Through With Your New Year's Resolution

You know how at the start of every new year, you're like, "Oh, I'm going to actually do my New Year's Resolution this year"? Yeah. Me, too. Except it rarely happens — aside from that time you signed up for a half-marathon and then realized you can't bail on the $200 entry fee.

But maybe that's not you, and you want to lose weight instead or be better at time management. Here are some tips on how to not completely fail after the first week of January.

No. 1: Pick a realistic goal. Maybe aim to lose 15 pounds instead of 30. Baby steps.

No. 2: But if you want to shoot for the bigger goal, trick yourself by setting mini goals. Instead of 30 pounds over six months, tell yourself you want to lose 5 pounds each month.

By the way, it works across the board. If you're trying to budget better in the new year, set lenient limits first and then challenge yourself to slowly live off less.

Which leads us to our third tip: Use an app to keep track of your progress. Mint is one app for money management. If you're trying to lose weight, check out Noom or Fooducate. Aiming for better time management? Try Remember The Milk.

No. 4: Do it with a friend! You know the emoji of dancing women with bunny ears? Do that in real life. Nothing says motivation like your bestie struggling alongside you.

And finally, No. 5: Celebrate your progress. Whether it's a cheat day, a glass (or two) of vino or a bubble bath, find a way to #treatyoself for each solid week of progress you make.