InfoWars Host Will Undergo Deposition In Sandy Hook Defamation Lawsuit

A judge ruled that Jones and other defendants in the case will undergo hours of depositions.

InfoWars Host Will Undergo Deposition In Sandy Hook Defamation Lawsuit
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InfoWars host Alex Jones has been ordered to undergo a five-hour deposition. Families of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims are suing Jones for defamation.        

A Connecticut judge ruled that Jones and other defendants connected to InfoWars can be deposed for a total of 19 hours. 

The case stems from Jones' previous claims that the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax. Parents of children killed in the incident filed a suit against him, alleging that they've been harassed and threatened by InfoWars' supporters as a result of his comments. 

Jones, a far-right conspiracy theorist, has since said he believes that the shooting happened. He tried to get the lawsuit dismissed in August, but was denied. 

Last year, social platforms like Facebook and Twitter banned the InfoWars host for hate speech violations. PayPal also cut financial ties with the site. 

In January, the judge ordered Jones to hand over internal financial documents linked to InfoWars, as the plaintiffs try to prove that he profited from a conspiracy theory business model. 

Attorneys for the plaintiffs requested that the depositions be scheduled for late February and March. 

Additional reporting from Newsy affiliate CNN