Intel Reveals Smart Gadgets, Personal Assistant

Intel revealed an array of wearable gadgets including earbuds, an infant onesie, a smart watch and its newest personal assistant, Jarvis.

Intel Reveals Smart Gadgets, Personal Assistant

The wearable technology market is booming. Now, Intel is finally getting its foot in the door.

Monday, the PC giant revealed an array of different wearables, including a smartwatch, heart-monitoring earbuds and even a smart onesie … (Via The Seattle Times)

… that connects to a smart coffee cup or smartphone to monitor a baby’s breathing, pulse and temperature. (Via YouTube / Mobile World Live)

Also, Intel showed off a charging bowl to set all the gadgets in when they need power. (Via USA Today)

All the new smart gadgets are wired with the help of Intel Edison, a new computing system inside an SD card that has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. (Via International Data Group)

Edison includes Intel's newest processor called Quark, which CEO Brian Krzanich revealed last fall in anticipation for its use in wearable and mobile devices. (Via Fox Business)

KRZANICH: "It’s actually Intel's smallest SoC we’ve ever made. ... It's specifically designed for those wearables and industrial internet of things."

Intel also revealed a new smart assistant called Jarvis, similar to Apple's Siri. (Via Intel)

JARVIS: "By the way, you have three new messages from your wife, would you like me to read them to you now?"

Intel's CEO says he hopes to convince the public the company can be cutting edge and innovative like its competitors. He adds, "Wearables are not everywhere today because they aren't yet solving real problems, and they aren't yet integrated with our lifestyles." (Via CNET, ComputerWeekly)

Last year, Google Glass received generally positive reviews, though it's taken heat for its questionable safety while driving. (Via Google)

And there was hype around Samsung's Galaxy Gear smart watch, but that actually received negative reviews for its limited functionality. (Via Engadget)

Intel's line of wearable tech is set for a late 2014 release.