Iowa Coach Watches Son's Surgery And Coaches Tourney Game

Iowa Coach watches his son have cancerous tumor removed in the morning and coaches Hawkeyes in NCAA tourney all in one day.

Iowa Coach Watches Son's Surgery And Coaches Tourney Game
The Gazette

A long, long day for Iowa Head Basketball Coach Frank McCaffery that could have gone better but definitely could have gone worse. 

Patrick McCaffrey is coach McCaffrey's 13 year old son. He has Thyroid Cancer,and his surgery was scheduled for Wednesday. (Via YouTube / IAElites)

The same day, Fran McCaffrey coached the most important game of his career. His Iowa Hawkeyes hadn't made the NCAA tournament in 8 years before this year's bracket. (Via The Gazette)

"It was a day, needless to say, that has been very difficult, ... It puts wins and losses in perspective." (Via ESPN)

McCaffrey's Hawkeyes led the Vols for the first 37 minutes but a late game surge by Tennessee was just the push it needed. The Hawkeyes lost in overtime to the Tennessee Volunteers 78 - 65. (Via The Chatanoogan)

But more importantly, was this news Coach McCaffrey released in a statement, "Today's surgery for my son Patrick went as planned. ... Patrick was in good spirits after the operation. ... words cannot express how genuinely thankful we are to everyone who has offered their thoughts and prayers." (Via Twitter / @whitemagic52)

And there was plenty of support: the Hawkeyes players offered their support with these shirts, that have Patrick's favorite number,  and TeamPat printed on the back. (Via

During the game #TeamPat was trending nationally with Iowa friends and rivals all tweeting their support for Patrick. 

The Hawkeyes finish their season, 20-13 and though McCaffrey's team didn't go as far as he'd like, his son Patrick is one step closer to recovery.