iPhone 6 Sales Mark Yet Another Year Of Records, Glitches

Customers looking to preorder the iPhone 6 on Friday experienced a few hiccups thanks to record demand for the device overnight.

iPhone 6 Sales Mark Yet Another Year Of Records, Glitches
Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

If you tried preordering one of Apple's newest phones on Friday, it's likely you ran into an issue or two. 

As Newsy reported on Friday, several mobile carrier sites, as well as Apple's own systems, were experiencing issues processing preorders. 

And, as has become customary with iPhone launches, that's because a lot of people wanted a new iPhone 6.

Re/code quotes an Apple spokesperson who said, "response to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has been incredible with a record number of preorders overnight."

We don't have exact stats to define "a record number," but it's clear Apple's flagship phone is already putting the strain on carriers. (Video via Apple)

Particularly the larger iPhone 6 Plus model, which shows ship dates pushed back by three to four weeks on Apple's online store. That said, there are still a few flavors of the smaller iPhone 6 set to ship out on its release date of September 19. 

This is just a typical case of history repeating itself. Bloomberg reminds us of similar delays with the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. The outlet quotes AT&T's CEO who said, "Every time there is a change in design, and this is clearly a change in design for Apple, there is an uptake."

However, a writer for The Verge says it's important to look at the language in Apple's announcement of record sales. "'Overnight' is an awfully tiny sample size. It's too early to predict whether iPhone 6 will go on to break the company's previous opening weekend pre-order records."

The Verge says the company will likely announce sales figures on Monday. And Apple will have a chance to add to these sales when the device hits stores on September 19. 

We wouldn't be surprised if that happened. CNBC published a story on September 3 reporting people had already lined up to buy the new phone at least six days before it was even announced. 

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