Is Russia Catching And Killing Stray Dogs Ahead of Olympics?

Sochi officials have hired a pest control company to catch and kill stray dogs in the city ahead of the Olympic Games, according to an ABC report.

Is Russia Catching And Killing Stray Dogs Ahead of Olympics?

The Winter Olympics in Sochi, set to begin Friday, continues to stir up controversy with its latest plan to deal with stray dogs in the city. 

"Ahead of the games, Sochi officials have ordered a pest control company to exterminate thousands of stray dogs roaming the streets of the city." (Via KWGN)

According to USA Today, the Sochi officials originally canceled their plans to exterminate the dogs, claiming the city would "pursue an alternate route of 'keeping, treating and sterilizing animals.'" 

But with the games getting started on Friday, it appears Sochi has given up on that plan. 

ABC News spoke with the owner of the pest control company charged with getting rid of the stray dogs.


"Dogs must be taken off the streets even if that means putting them to sleep. ... Let’s call things by their real name. These dogs are biological trash."

The pest control company owner went on to say the stray dogs have been biting children and even walked in on an opening ceremony practice. 

Despite the ABC News report, the International Olympic Committee claims the dogs are being handled with care, saying when the dogs are picked up, each one gets a full health examination and is released following its health check. (Via News 12 Long Island)

But as you might imagine, animal rights groups aren't buying it. PETA accused the Olympic city of animal cruelty.

"We understand Russia spent $50 billion for the Olympics in Sochi and animals are paying the price. ... We are urging sports fans to contact the Russian embassy to demand an end to the massacre that's tainting this sports celebration." (Via McClatchy DC)

Along with stray dogs, people visiting Sochi for the Olympic Games can add terrorism to their list of concerns. Along with multiple threats, two suicide bombings in the Russian city of Volgograd have killed 30 people in the two months before the Olympic Games.