Is Two-Factor Authentication Worth The Hassle?

Protecting your accounts with two-factor authentication means it might take longer to log in, but the security measure also slows down hackers.

Is Two-Factor Authentication Worth The Hassle?

Here's a question: Is two-step authentication worth the hassle?

Finding your phone, receiving a text or prompt, and then entering a secondary code to get into an account might be a nuisance. But it's even more annoying to deal with a hacked account. (Video via Google)

Enabling a second form of authentication isn't a guaranteed way to make sure you never get hacked, but most attackers tend to move on if an account is more difficult to get into. And two-step definitely helps with that.

Two-factor authentication — or two-step, or 2FA ... whatever you want to call it — is really just adding a second layer of protection between your info and a hacker.

The first factor is usually your password, and the second is something else you have, like your phone. There's also a third factor of authentication, which would probably be something that's part of you, like your fingerprint.

When it comes to cybersecurity, you're best bet is to stay up to date on the latest tools and techniques. In this case, that means opting in to two-factor.

In the future, that could mean updating that line of defense in some other way.