Israel Accused Of Another Strike On U.N. School In Gaza

Shelling of a U.N.-run school in Rafah killed at least 10 people. Meanwhile, Israel signaled it will scale back its ground operation in Gaza.

Israel Accused Of Another Strike On U.N. School In Gaza
Israel Defense Forces

​Despite reports Israel has withdrawn some of its troops from Gaza, there are few indications the conflict is winding down. (Via Getty Images)

“Another U.N. school in Gaza has been hit by a missile. Palestinians say at least 10 people have been killed.” (Via BBC

According to The Guardian, the school — located in the town of Rafah — was housing nearly 2,000 Palestinians seeking refuge. 

This was the third deadly attack on a U.N. school since Israel began its ground operation nearly four weeks ago. The Israeli military says it is looking into this latest incident.  (Via ITN

This comes the same day IDF officials said their ground operation was nearing its end — having destroyed most of the tunnels Hamas and other militant groups use to sneak across the border. (Via Israel Defense Forces)

The IDF said on Twitter it had begun re-deploying its forces, in what it called the “next stage” of the operation.  

That reportedly involves pulling back forces from heavily-populated urban areas. (Via Getty Images

At the same time, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to continue the military campaign as long as necessary.

“Israel will do whatever it must do.” (Via YouTube / IsraeliPM

The Wall Street Journal says Israel’s decision to pull out some forces, rather than withdraw entirely reflects the country’s divided leadership. “... with some pushing for an all-out offensive to cripple the group's leadership. Others favor ending the offensive, keeping Gaza's border tightly restricted and mobilizing international pressure on Hamas to disarm.”

Meanwhile, Israel says it will no longer participate in cease-fire talks with Hamas in Egypt. This, as a team of Palestinian negotiators reportedly arrived in Cairo Sunday to discuss ending the crisis — a crisis health officials say has killed more than 1,700 people.