Israel, Hamas Agree To New Cease-Fire. Will It Last?

As Israel scales back its operations against Hamas in the Gaza srip, both sides have accepted a 72-hour cease-fire brokered by Egypt.

Israel, Hamas Agree To New Cease-Fire. Will It Last?
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Israel and Hamas have both agreed to an Egyptian-brokered 72-hour ceasefire just days after an earlier agreement fell apart not even two hours in. (Via Getty Images)

The truce comes as Israel signals that it's winding down its campaign in the embattled Gaza strip by withdrawing troops. (Via Getty Images)

​​According to The Jerusalem Post, the Israel Defense Forces destroyed the last known tunnels connecting Gaza and Israel on Sunday. (Via Israel Defense Forces)

​After speaking with a Palestinian official, The Wall Street Journal says the three-day truce will allow time for all sides in the conflict to meet in Cairo to discuss terms for a longer ceasefire. 

The BBC reports Palestine's primary demands of ending the blockade of Gaza and opening more border crossings are still on the table. Israel's demands in the past have been disarming Hamas and ensuring no more tunnels are built.

A common theme throughout the reporting on this latest ceasefire is the fact that so many have already been broken during this conflict. 

How many? Well, earlier this week The Washington Post listed at least five proposed ceasefires attempted so far, three of which didn't pan out as planned.

Those three include an initial ceasefire proposed by Egypt on July 15 that was accepted by Israel and rejected by Hamas, a July 20 two hour humanitarian cease fire that was voided when Israeli solders came under attack, and the recently failed three-day ceasefire proposed by John Kerry and the United Nations. (Via Getty Images)

A seven-hour humanitarian ​ceasefire that was put in place by Israel Sunday was reportedly broken almost as soon as it was announced. The Independent reported an Israeli air strike hit a refugee camp house, killing an 8-year-old girl. (Via ITN)

The new 72-hour truce is set to start at 8 a.m. local time on August 5th.