Israel Orders Evacuation Of North Gaza Amid Bombings

After a week long campaign against Hamas militants, Israel order the evacuation of North Gaza as they increase strikes in the area.

Israel Orders Evacuation Of North Gaza Amid Bombings
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The Israeli military warned Palestinian residents of Northern Gaza to evacuate Saturday as a week of increased bombings from both sides continues.

Israel stepped up their offensive against Hamas militants this week, leaving an estimated 150 dead thus far. This ramp up in operations was brought on by an increase in bombings against Israel. (Via NBC)

CNN is on the ground in Gaza and are reporting some people didn't receive warnings to evacuate before a few of the more recent attacks, leaving many bystanders dead or seriously injured — including children.

Some citizens who received the warning aren't leaving anyway. CNN spoke with one man who said there is nowhere safe to go in Gaza and that "God has already sealed our fate."

According to International Business Times, Gaza health officials say the most recent strike on the home of Gaza's police chief killed 15.

The attacks continue despite the United Nations Security Council calling for a cease fire Saturday. (Via Euronews)

One Israeli official told Fox News that's like asking the United States to call a cease fire against the 9/11 attackers. And another adamantly said there is no chance Israel will back down. 

"You can run but you cannot hide. We will get them. We will get this ugly snake of terrorism who is using their own people as human shields." (Via Fox News)

The Israeli Defense Force has not sent troops into the Gaza Strip, but one official told The Jerusalem Post that they are prepared to do so if given the order.