Jason Kidd Spills Soda On Court To Force Timeout

Out of timeouts, Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd appears to tell Tyshawn Taylor to "hit me," knocking his soda onto the court and causing a delay.

Jason Kidd Spills Soda On Court To Force Timeout
Howard Simmons / New York Daily News

Bending the rules to stop play in professional sports is nothing new, but Brooklyn head coach Jason Kidd showed us an all-new tactic Wednesday when he took "icing" the shooter to a whole new level.

With just seconds remaining in the Nets-Lakers game, and his team out of time outs — Kidd appeared to mouth "hit me" to rookie point guard Tyshawn Taylor just before the two collided. That sent Kidd's soda flying onto the court, causing a stoppage in play. (Via CNN)

Accidental or intentional, the spill essentially gave the Nets a free timeout to draw up a last-second play and iced Lakers guard Jodie Meeks, who was between free throws at the time. 

Despite what is now being referred to as "cupgate," Meeks would nail the second free throw to give the Lakers the edge. And although the play Kidd drew up after the spill gave Nets forward Paul Pierce a pretty good look at the basket, he missed a game-tying three-pointer as the Nets dropped their 11th game this season. (Via Fox Sports

During a postgame interview, Kidd said of the incident that the "cup slipped out of my hand while I was getting Ty. ... Sweaty palms. I was never good with the ball." (Via ESPN)

Right, so we're supposed to believe the man with the second-most assists and steals in NBA history was never good with the ball? Lakers guard Nick Young feels the same way. 

When asked whether he thought Kidd did it on purpose, Young said: “Yes, most definitely. ... That’s vet stuff.” (Via New York Daily News)

And it's nothing new for Kidd, who caused an odd stoppage in play before as the point guard for the Dallas Mavericks. 

In the final minute of a two-point game, Kidd appears to intentionally run into then-Atlanta coach Mike Woodson, who tried to dodge Kidd but couldn't. That resulted in an automatic technical foul on Woodson as Kidd's Mavericks would go on to the win the game in the overtime. (Via The Hoop DoctorsESPN)

While sly, that play was completely legal, since Woodson was illegally out on the court. Kidd's latest ploy, however, was in no way within the rules and may land him in a sticky situation with the NBA head office. If the NBA decides to investigate the incident, the rookie coach could face a fine or even a suspension.