Jessica Chastain To Star In 'True Detective' Season Two?

Nerdist reports the Oscar-nominated actress will take over the HBO anthology from Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in 2015.

Jessica Chastain To Star In 'True Detective' Season Two?
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HBO has reportedly found its star for "True Detective" season two: Jessica Chastain. 

Sources tell Nerdist the cable net asked the multi-Oscar-nominated actress to join the anthology. But she hasn't said yes ... yet. 

Should she accept the offer, Chastain would be taking over the wildly popular mystery series from Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, who broke ratings records with the show. (Via HBO / "True Detective"

HBO seems eager to recreate the success of season one — Deadline reports it was the cabler's most-watched freshman series since "Six Feet Under"'s 2001 debut. 

And casting Chastain would fit in with creator Nic Pizzolatto's plan for season two — he told HitFix it will be a whole new story focused on women. 

A choice that could be a response to critical backlash about the treatment of women in season one. (Via /Film, The HairpinGrantland, Screen Crush)

Slate said the show paraded women as "scolds, sluts, and the strung-out.

The Washington Post says Chastain would help fix that problem.

"None of the female characters in the first season of 'True Detective' had much depth; instead they were simply depicted as one-dimensional victims of violence. But with Chastain as the lead — and probably the detective — HBO can avoid that rut."

But again, Chastain hasn't signed on yet.

She's kind of busy right now with nine movies set to be released or filmed in the next year. (Via IMDb

Still, the New York Daily News has its fingers crossed, noting "True Detective"'s seasons only run 10 episodes or less, so it's a short-term, closed-ended commitment. 

‚ÄčAnd, hey, Matthew McConaughey was able to fit in filming — and he was arguably just as busy with the success of "Dallas Buyers Club."

The second installment most likely won't premiere until 2015, and IndieWire says there are probably some other pieces that need to fall into place before Chastain says yes. 

"Any decision the actress makes will likely depend on who will be directing the show, and it likely won't just be one helmer."

And what about a co-star? Just a few days before the Chastain news came out, rumors circulated that her "Tree of Life" co-star Brad Pitt was in talks for the show. 

But E! says both reports are false — that neither star is doing the show. 

And there's still no word yet if season two will even have two detectives, despite all the fun people had dream casting the duo on Twitter. (Via Mashable

So sounds like we need some detectives to figure out what's going on with "True Detective."