'Jihad Jane' Colleen LaRose Gets 10-Year Sentence

Colleen LaRose referred to herself as "Jihad Jane" and was plotting to kill a Swedish artist over his cartoon, which offended Muslims.

'Jihad Jane' Colleen LaRose Gets 10-Year Sentence

The woman who referred to herself as "Jihad Jane" was sentenced to 10 years in prison Monday.

Colleen LaRose was involved in a failed plot linked to al-Qaeda; a plot to kill the Swedish artist who came under fire from Muslims after drawing a cartoon of the Muslim Prophet Mohammad as a dog. It was published in 2007.

LaRose was also given credit for four years already served. She was facing a possible life sentence. At her hearing Monday, she did apologize for her crimes.

LaRose referred to herself as "Jihad Jane" in videos she posted to YouTube. She traveled to Europe as part of her plot, though it was never carried out. She turned herself in in 2009 and did cooperate with authorities after that.

But, prosecutors argued she showed no remorse for her crimes, still signing her name "Jihad Jane." In 2011, LaRose pleaded guilty to four federal charges, including conspiracy to support terrorists.

Two others convicted in the plot, a Colorado woman and a Maryland teen, will face sentencing later this week.