Jimmie Allen apologizes to his wife following sexual assault lawsuit

The country singer also apologized to his three children for "being a poor example of a man and a father."

Country singer Jimmie Allen
Chris Pizzello/AP

County music star Jimmie Allen issued a public apology to his pregnant wife following a lawsuit from his former manager who says she was sexually assaulted. Allen claims they had a consensual relationship. 

"I'm embarrassed that my choices have brought shame on her," Allen wrote in a post on Instagram. "That's something that she did not deserve at all."

Allen, a father of three, also apologized to his children for "being a poor example of a man and a father."

In the lawsuit, Allen's former manager alleges the country singer abused her over the course of 18 months, raping her for the first time in March 2021. On multiple occasions, the woman says Allen taped their sexual interactions to use as blackmail against her.

Jimmie Allen arrives at the American Music Awards.

Country singer Jimmie Allen sued for sexual assault by former manager

Jimmie Allen denied the rape allegations in a statement to Scripps News.


In Allen's public statement, the country singer appeared to blame the pressures of the music industry for his actions. 

"This business takes so much from you. It's full of temptations that can cripple you and ruin everything you built," he said. "I'm ashamed I wasn't strong enough to withstand them. I will no longer be a victim to my weakness."

Allen and his wife separated in April. 

The allegations against the singer have also had an immediate impact on his career. His record label reportedly suspended him, as did the talent agency that represents him.