Judge Orders Release Of Man Who Admitted To Raping 40 Women

A California judge has ordered Christopher Hubbart be released from a mental hospital by July 7.

Judge Orders Release Of Man Who Admitted To Raping 40 Women

A California judge has ordered an admitted serial rapist be released from a mental hospital after spending more than four decades in and out of state custody.

KTTV reports the judge decided Christopher Hubbart must be released by July 7.

DISTRICT ATTORNEY: "We will do everything within our authority to protect the residents of Los Angeles County from this dangerous predator."

Now, protestors have gathered outside the home where Hubbart is expected to live within the next month and a half.

PROTESTOR: "We don't want him here."

RESIDENT: "Now, all these women and these children are going to be in fear."

MAYOR PRO TEM: "This is probably the biggest travesty of justice in my lifetime."

KABC points out Hubbart admitted to raping about 40 women between 1971 and 1982, but police say the number might be closer to 100.

Hubbart was sentenced to prison in 1982, made parole in 1990 but was sent back to prison after committing another attack just two months later. He's been in a state mental hospital since 1996, but officials now say he is "fit for release." (Via KCBS)

Though the upcoming release does not mean complete freedom for Hubbart. He'll move into a rural home away from the hospital, but police say a GPS tracking device will constantly monitor him. (Via KNBC)

For the first six months to one year after his release, a supervisor will also be with Hubbart any time he goes out in public. Hubbart must also go to therapy sessions twice a week. Still, the Los Angeles Times reports many people are outraged.

So far, it's not clear when Hubbart will be released.