Justin Bieber's 'Believe' Flops At Box Office

The 19-year-old pop sensation's newest docu-film has a dismal opening weekend. What does that mean for his career after an uncertain 2013?

Justin Bieber's 'Believe' Flops At Box Office

2013 has been Justin Bieber's toughest year yet, and it's going out with a really bad bang.

"Believe," his new documentary, opened to a dismal $1.25 million on Christmas Day. That's just about $1,200 per theater in the U.S. — the movie didn't crack the top 10.

That's after big promotion by Bieber on Twitter to his 48 million followers, including what some said was a publicity stunt: a tweet saying he was retiring. (Via Twitter / @justinbieber)

For comparison's sake, Bieber's "Never Say Never" made more than $12 million domestically on its opening day in 2011.

Though The Wall Street Journal points out "Believe" had a smaller production budget and marketing budget than that movie, and opened in fewer theaters.


But, bottom line, "Believe" is being dubbed a flop in a year full of "breakdown" talk for the Biebs as he struggled with partying, big break-ups and legal issues. (Via The Huffington Post, Hollywood Life, Perez Hilton)

And his new album, "Journals"? That's being dubbed a flop, at least in Australia and the U.K. (Via news.com.au)

It's getting middle-of-the road reviews, as is "Believe," which wasn't screened for critics before its release -- a sign studios are fearful of bad reviews. (Via The Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News, Rotten Tomatoes)

Still, because "Believe" was so cheap to make, it might ultimately turn a profit. It's just not seeing the success Bieber once had. Almost hard to "believe."