Justin Trudeau Elected Canada's Newest Prime Minister

Liberal candidate Justin Trudeau toppled Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives to win Canada's election late Monday night.

Justin Trudeau Elected Canada's Newest Prime Minister
Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla

For the first time in nearly a decade, Canada has voted in a new leader.

Liberal candidate Justin Trudeau was elected prime minister late Monday night, overcoming criticism that, at 43 years old, he was too young to take office. (Video via CTV)

His late father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, also held the position as Canadian prime minister. Justin's win establishes, as CTV calls it, "Canada's first political family dynasty." (Video via Liberal Party of Canada)

Because Canada does not have term limits, the conservative incumbent prime minister Stephen Harper held office since 2006. 

Trudeau's Liberal party also won a surprise majority, taking 184 of the 338 seats in parliament. The party was in third place in the Canadian House of Commons before the election. (Video via Liberal Party of Canada)

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