Kansas And Other Red States Push To Expand Medicaid Under ACA

After Republicans in D.C. failed to replace Obamacare, some red states are expanding Medicaid.

Kansas And Other Red States Push To Expand Medicaid Under ACA
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Lawmakers in Kansas want to expand Medicaid — something that's becoming more and more common, even in conservative states. 

The bill would extend coverage for up to 180,000 adults under the state's existing Medicaid program. The program is intended to help cover medical costs for people who are poor or elderly or who have disabilities. 

The momentum for expansion is partially due to a number of Democrats and moderate Republicans beating out Republican incumbents in the state. 

To date, 31 states — including Republican strongholds like Kentucky, Arkansas and Louisiana — have expanded Medicaid or health coverage under Obamacare. 

The Affordable Care Act made it possible for states to expand Medicaid coverage by offering to cover most of the expenses. 

The District of Columbia also expanded Medicaid coverage. 

Paul Ryan leaves a meeting.

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Speaker Paul Ryan suspended the vote on the American Health Care Act after too many Republicans defected.


North Carolina, another state that supported Trump, is also trying to expand Medicaid coverage.

And now that the Republican's health care push has stalled, governors in Georgia and Virginia say they'll try to expand the program in upcoming months.