KC Police Investigate Connection In 13 Highway Shootings

Kansas City drivers say they're getting nervous after at least 13 shootings were reported on major highways and roads in the area in the past month.

KC Police Investigate Connection In 13 Highway Shootings
The Kansas City Star / Rich Sugg

Kansas City, Missouri, drivers say they're getting nervous after at least 13 shootings were reported on major highways and roads in the area in the past month alone. (Via KSHB)

"A little uneasy, because you don't know what's going to happen. You could be driving down... and then, it's unaimed, it's untargeted. So, it could be anybody." ‚Äč(Via KCTV)

The Kansas City Star reports the latest shooting took place Sunday night when someone shot a driver in the leg on Interstate 435. A total of three drivers have suffered non life-threatening injuries since March 8 in the seemingly random shootings.

"One woman says she was shot at on Ward Parkway two weeks ago. The bullet got stuck in her car door, but listen to this, just inches from where her three year old daughter was sitting." (Via KSHB)

According to CNN, 10 of the reported shootings took place in Kansas City, and the other three took place in three different towns nearby. Most of the cars involved have been shot in the driver or front passenger side doors.

Many of the shootings occurred in a busy intersection of several interstates people in Kansas City refer to as the Grandview Triangle. Police say whoever's responsible opens fire just before an exit or off ramp so victims can't ID them.

"You know, so far, it's been very lucky that nobody has been killed in reference to this type of incident. But the number one thing is we want to get this person off of the street." (Via WDAF)

Police say they're concerned that this potentially deadly pattern could continue and are urging drivers to "be vigilant." Many drivers say they're taking that warning seriously, but some say they're sticking to their normal routine.

"I watch the roads, I watch the overpasses, but do I change my routine? No." (Via KCTV)

Authorities have not released details on what witnesses to the shootings reported seeing, but they have confirmed at least several of the incidents were connected. Police have promised to increase patrols in the areas where most of the shootings took place.