Kevin And Dani Jonas Welcome Daughter Alena Rose

The "Married To Jonas" stars welcomed their first child Sunday. Dreft Detergent posted the first picture of Alena Rose on Twitter.

Kevin And Dani Jonas Welcome Daughter Alena Rose
Twitter / @Dreft

One of the Jonas Brothers is now a father. Kevin Jonas and wife Dani welcomed a baby girl to the world Sunday, but they weren't the ones to do the big reveal.

Infant laundry detergent Dreft's Twitter page put out the first picture of Alena Rose late Sunday afternoon, writing, "On this day, a little star was born."‚Äč (Via Twitter / @Dreft)

‚ÄčThis would seem to just further prove in the social media world, there's always an opportunity to cross promote. Dreft documented the "Married To Jonas" stars' pregnancy in a series of online videos. (Via YouTube / Dreft Detergent)

Kevin apparently just couldn't wait to be a new dad. He tweeted at least once wondering if Dani was in labor the last couple of weeks.

But he uploaded a picture to Instagram Sunday morning of a hospital monitor confirming he was about to become a dad.

In a statement to E!, the new parents called themselves overjoyed. "She is precious! We could not be more excited to start building our family together."

In a tweet late Sunday night, the eldest Jonas Brother wrote, "I'm so in love with her." (Via Twitter / @kevinjonas)

That's a start, Dad. There's no confirmation yet from E! on whether its reality series "Married To Jonas" will come back for a third season, but a new little one will keep the couple busy regardless. (Via E!)