'Kissing Sailor' From Famous WWII Photograph Dies

Glenn McDuffie, best known as the "kissing sailor" in the iconic WWII photograph taken after the Japanese surrendered on August 14, 1945 has died.

'Kissing Sailor' From Famous WWII Photograph Dies

A Navy veteran, probably best known as the kissing sailor in the famous World War II photograph, has passed away.

"A sailor who was identified as 86-year-old Glenn McDuffie was caught in mid-kiss in Times Square in that photo take by a LIFE magazine photographer. It was August of 1945." ​(Via WOAI

CTV says LIFE magazine never ran a caption with the photograph, detailing the identities of the sailor or the nurse. 

But six years ago, Daily Mail reports a forensic expert was able to positively identify McDuffie in the photograph by matching his facial structure with the man's in the photograph. 

McDuffie claimed he was in the process of changing trains when he learned the Japanese had surrendered on August 14, 1945. BBC says he ran out into the street and that's when he saw the nurse. 

"She was standing out there in the middle of the street and she turned around and did like that, and I swear I went over there and kissed her."

McDuffie's daughter said the only reason her father ever revealed himself as the sailor in the photograph is because other men had come forward claiming to be the person in the picture. She told NBC her father wanted to tell his story before he passed away. 

"When he realized how many people were touched by the photo, it humbled him."

Time says McDuffie spent his time after the war playing semi-pro basketball and working for the Postal Service. 

McDuffie passed away March 9 of natural causes. He is survived by a daughter and two grandchildren.