Lady Gaga Angers PETA By Dressing Up Dog

After the singer posted pictures of her pooch in jewelry on Instagram, Lady Gaga is again a target for PETA.

Lady Gaga Angers PETA By Dressing Up Dog
Instagram / ladygaga

Guess what? PETA's got some words for Lady Gaga. Anyone surprised? No? Oh, Okay. 

"The dog is named Asia, doesn't look too thrilled about the outfit. PETA's criticized her saying the only accessory for a dog is a well secured harness." (Via KSAZ)

Gaga and Asia, aka 'batpig' have been pretty much inseparable since Mother Monster adopted the pup in April. (Via Instagram / ladygaga

She's posted a lot pictures of Asia, along with her other French Bulldog, Stella, on Instagram with captions like "My beautiful little princess I love her."

But still, PETA told Radar Online, "Although it seems pretty clear that Lady Gaga loves Asia, we think Asia — and all dogs — are adorable without all the added flair... Lady Gaga may choose to decorate herself with elaborate and even uncomfortable outfits, but Asia doesn’t get to make that choice." 

But really, Gaga isn't exactly known for having an oh-so-amazing relationship with animal rights activists. For a few reasons. 

Like that fox head scarf, which, at least according to PETA, proves the songstress "has no heart." (Via New York Post

And of course, how could we forget the dreaded meat dress from 2010. Yikes. (Via Warner Bros. / The Ellen DeGeneres Show)  

But as MTV sees it, it doesn't seem like little 'batpig' has it too rough, writing, "Chill Out, Y’all. Lady Gaga’s Dog Is Going To Be Fine. She's got a sweet life." 

LADY GAGA: "It's my little baby girl, mommy just gave me a bath. And I'm all wrapped up." (Via Instagram / ladygaga

Well, that video was definitely sweet.