Last Surviving Original Member Of The Ramones Dies In N.Y.

Tommy Ramone was the band's drummer for its first three albums. He died after a reported battle with bile duct cancer.

Last Surviving Original Member Of The Ramones Dies In N.Y.
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The last surviving orginial member of the punk rock band the Ramones has died in New York after a reported battle with cancer. (Via Getty Images)

Tommy Ramone was the band's drummer for its first three albums, which were released in 1976 and 1977. Tommy, along with three other bandmates, were some of the pioneers of punk rock when they started the band in 1974.

"While the Ramones never had a top 40 hit, they certainly influenced a generation of rockers like Green Day and Nirvana." (Via WLS-TV)

Multiple outlets have reported two different ages for Ramone, with some saying he died at 62. (Via  VarietyThe TelegraphDaily Mirror

But the Los Angeles Times cites a band manager who says he was actually 65 when he died. 

Variety reports Ramone was in hospice care after receiving treatment for bile duct cancer. He outlived his former bandmates by a decade. Joey died from lymphoma in 2001, Dee Dee died from an overdose in 2002 and Johnny died from prostate cancer in 2004. (Via Wikimedia Commons / Dawkeye, Getty Images)

The Ramones, known for songs like "I Wanna Be Sedated" and "Beat on the Brat," were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland in 2002.

Just two days before his death, the band's official Twitter account posted this quote from Ramone: "One of the reasons that the Ramones were so unique and original was that they were four original, unique people." (Via Twitter / @RamonesOfficial)

Ramone is survived by his partner and his older brother. Variety reports there are plans for a private funeral service.