What's Worse Than Losing? Winning Justin Bieber

An Illinois billboard upped the ante in the Olympic hockey finals between Canada and the U.S. Below players' photos, it read, "Loser keeps Bieber."

What's Worse Than Losing? Winning Justin Bieber
Twitter / @CommandSign

The U.S. didn't make it to the Olympic men's hockey finals, but the loss earned them ... something. An electronic billboard in Illinois raised the stakes even higher this week by throwing in Justin Bieber.

"Loser keeps Bieber." That's right, a Command Transportation billboard made losing that much more embarrassing for the U.S., even if it is just a joke. (Via Twitter / @CommandSign)

But the billboard did have anchors cracking up. 

"Ha ha, winner goes for the gold. As for the other guys, well, there's that consolation prize. Go Team USA, another reason to win." (Via Fox News)

"Hey, Canada, you can have him!"

"That's fantastic."

"Is that great, or is that great?"

"Please take him, as a matter of fact." (Via CBS)

The Toronto Sun reports the hashtag #LoserkeepsBieber was even trending on Twitter Thursday.

It looks like the company running the billboard has quite the history with witty messages targeting everything from the Bears to the weather, among other odd things. (Via Twitter / @CommandSign)

But maybe Bieber made his own bed. After all, he's been in trouble lately with accusations of drag racing and assaulting a limo driver. (Via Perez Hilton)

There's even a white house petition with more than 200,000 signatures to get the teen deported back to Canada. (Via The White House)

Canada beat the U.S. 1-0. Now the U.S. will have to decide what to do with the pop star. Well, at least hypothetically.