Major Security Flaw In iOS Patched, Still Affects OS X

Apple has patched a major security flaw in iOS, but the vulnerability is still present in OS X.

Major Security Flaw In iOS Patched, Still Affects OS X
Apple | Newsy Staff

‚ÄčIf you've got an iDevice, you've got an update waiting for you. And we'd advise against waiting too long to install it.

The update fixes a major security flaw in the operating system that allows an attacker to intercept data you send over a seemingly secure connection. (Via Apple)

We say "seemingly secure connection" because that's where the flaw is found — a bug in the code allows attackers to bypass security verifications, giving them access to the connection and your data.

A writer for Engadget reports Apple has since released new versions of iOS 6 and 7 to fix the vulnerability. So yes, even if you're still running ye olde iOS 6, there's a patch waiting for you.

To update your phone, open your Settings and tap General. From there you'll tap Software Update and wait for your phone to check for the most recent update. Once it finds it, tap Install Now and you're good to go.

Unless you own a Mac. If so, you're probably still vulnerable — security technology company Crowdstrike dove into Apple's code and have determined the flaw affects not only iOS devices, but OS X devices as well.

And Digital Trends paints a not-so-pretty picture of what that could mean: "The vulnerability means hackers could impersonate secured sites such as your webmail service or your bank and hoover up your login details."

And the vulnerability in OS X increases exponentially, thanks to the news making its rounds.

Calling all hackers! OS X still vulnerable! Steal user data now!

Apple is expected to release a patch soon, but until then, it might be a good idea to keep away from that shady airport WiFi.