Malia Obama Turns Sweet 16

Malia Obama was only 10 years old when her dad became the 44th president of the United States.

Malia Obama Turns Sweet 16
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We all celebrate July 4th as the date of our country's independence. But there's another big celebration going on at the White House today.

Malia Obama is turning sweet sixteen. (Via Getty Images)

But we all know there's really only one thing a teenager is hoping for when they turn 16. 

The Washington Post notes when Chelsea Clinton turned 16 in the White House in 1996, three radio stations eagerly offered to give her a car. 

We wouldn't be too surprised if those same offers were made to Malia, but so far there's been no word of it. (Via Getty Images)

One gift we know for sure she's getting though — her learner's permit. In Washington D.C., teens aren't allowed to get this until they are 16 years old. (Via DMV.org)

But it seems like we've been counting down to the eldest Obama daughter's birthday and her subsequent start behind the wheel for a while now. Michelle Obama first mentioned it back in February when she sat down with Jimmy Fallon.

"Ladies and gentlemen of D.C., watch out. Malia Obama on the road. Kinda frightening. I have security though, so I'm good." (Via NBC / 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon')

And in April, she let the public know not to expect her or the President getting behind the wheel with their daughter while she's learning how to drive.  

"I think our agents don't want us driving with teenagers. So they want to keep us — especially the President's detail don't want him in the state when she's learning how to drive." (Via ABC / 'Live with Kelly & Michael')

We're sure we'll be seeing whichever Secret Service agent or family member who's lucky enough to be assigned to driving duty out on the road with her soon enough. 

And getting her driver's license also means Malia is one step closer to graduating high school. ABC reports she's already toured several colleges in California, including Stanford and University of California at Berkeley.

And this summer, she'll start her first big job. The Wrap announced Malia was seen working as a production assistant for a new television series starring Halle Berry.

With what looks to be a busy summer, we're sure she's taking the time to celebrate her birthday accordingly. And we're thinking it'll be a blast, especially with the Pitbull concert and fireworks on her front lawn Friday.